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Sazon Restaurant & Cafe


941 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Chef Judith was born on The Coast of Venezuela called Puerto La Cruz, which has a Rich mix of African, Native American, Spanish, Italian, French, and German Culture. She grew up in a family of home cooks, all talented in different ways, little Judith learned her Families recipes. These family recipes date back centuries,utilizing fresh,simple ingredients.

The national bread of Venezuela is made of corn not gluten. These tasty Corn patties called AREPAS are grilled to perfection by Chef Judy and stuffed with meats, cheeses, eggs, veggies and beans. Ninety percent of Sazons menu is GLUTEN FREE and when food items are fried they are fried in pure corn oil in a seperate area in seperate Gluten Free Oil.

Judith Suzarra

She is true to her cuisine and does not follow trends or gimmicks. As a matter of fact, Judy often watches the Food Network and criticizes these So Called Chefs. One of her criticisms is their overuse of Flour, Butter, Lard, Salt and Bacon. Chef Judy simple states, “THEY CAN’T COOK!”

We are very proud of our chef at Sazon, Judy is ahead of her time with her Healthy Latin Homestyle Cuisine, which is Gluten Free,offering real Vegan and Vegetarian options. In addition, Sazon has the same highly trained kitchen staff who have worked next to Chef Judy since the beginning, eight years ago, as well as a very attentive professional wait staff led by Robert. We feel we are the Best Gluten Free Restaurant in Philadelphia by a Mile.


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