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Gusto Gourmet


3306 S. Shepherd, Houston, TX 77098

Our dream started in Venezuela in 2000, where we opened our first of four stores called, MAZAL GOURMET. They were named to honor our dear mother, Mazal, who taught us her special recipes with the same devotion and love that she learned them from  her family. These recipes passed  from generation to generation.

In 2011 we moved to Houston and brought our dream with us. We opened GUSTO GOURMET in 2012, where locals and tourists can enjoy this new fusion of our past and present. A fusion of the wonderful Mediterranean cuisine from Mazal’s kitchen along with our Latin-Venezuelan recipes with which we grew up and loved.

Our dreams continue to grow and everyday we create new flavors. You are cordially invited to visit our restaurant and enjoy our fresh Latin-Mediterranean fusion. You won’t be disappointed.

See you soon!


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